The Landlord
Cleans Up
The Dream

I am coming home.  As I walk up the path to my apartment door, I see
my Landlord has come in and is cleaning and painting my
apartment.  My heart starts pounding and I must leave before he
sees me.  I don't want to face him.

I quickly go to my car to leave before he sees me.  As I am pulling
out of my parking lot, I see three cars blocking the driveway.  I am
so anxious to leave; I bump into the first car.  The driver gets out
and says, "What do you think you're doing?"  I wake up.

The Symbols

Dreams taking place in what you perceive to be home usually refer
to your dependence (or independence) or your sense of security.  
The apartment (or
house) symbolizes the body of the dreamer. The
landlord is the owner of the house -- the person responsible for it,
so he symbolizes the dreamer or that part of dreamer's psyche that
is in control of the other parts.  The act of
cleaning is just that --
cleaning out the garbage you've collected both internally and
externally.  If you are
painting, you are either covering up
something (whitewashing) or improving it.
Cars symbolize a sense
of freedom, being in control or are a means of escape.  The
driver is
the person in control.
Copyright  2001 Bobbie Ann Pimm
Happy Dreaming!
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