Most people claim they can't remember their dreams. If this
describes you, try this technique.  Before you go to bed at night,
take a pad and pen and leave them at your bedside.  The last
thought before you go to sleep should be, "I will remember my
dreams."  Repeat it several times.  Do this earnestly every night and
you should begin to remember your dreams.  Don't be discouraged
if it doesn't happen the first few nights.  It may take some time.  
You've spent all your life ignoring your subconscious, you must
convince it that you want to listen and learn from it.

At first there may be just bits and pieces.  But, if you pick up your
pad and pen and jot down everything that you remember
immediately upon wakening, you will start remembering more and
more details.  The key is to do it IMMEDIATELY upon wakening --
don't wait until after you go to the bathroom.  Jot down the symbols,
the places, the people, and the way you feel both physically and
emotionally.  Then go back and fill in the details.  If you have the
basics, the details will come back to you, but you must get down the
initial puzzle pieces before you can complete the puzzle.  If a symbol
is fuzzy or you're not really sure it was what you think it was jot it
down and put a question mark next to it.

If you continue to wake up without remembering any dreams, you
are probably waking up in a non-REM period of sleep.  Try setting
your alarm clock 15 - 30 minutes earlier than you normally wake up.  
Chances are you will be in your last REM period (the most vivid
dream state) at that time.  You will more likely remember a dream, if
you wake up in the middle or towards the end of it.

Again, it may take a while, but if you faithfully follow these steps
your subconscious will get the message that you want to remember
your dreams -- and you will.
Happy Dreaming!
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